CR: Discontent on the Right

There are rumblings from the right as the House prepares to vote on the six-month continuing resolution.

Some members of the Republican Study Committee, including the group’s chairman, Jim Jordan, are sounding unenthusiastic as they pick through the written details — even though they previously had said they’re willing to compromise on spending in order to get the CR done.

Jordan put himself in the undecided column because the measure would extend welfare — the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program — without addressing the Obama administration’s willingness to grant waivers to let states experiment with their own work requirements.

Republican leaders are offering a floor vote on a joint resolution introduced earlier today that would express House opposition to the waivers. It’s sure to die in the Senate after serving the purpose of divorcing the waiver debate from the must-pass CR. “It’s not going anywhere,” said Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp.

For other RSC members, the CR’s dollar figure is just too high — $8 billion more than current spending levels. “It really caught my eye and would catch my constituents’ eye if I went home and told them, ‘Oh by the way, we’re real serious about cutting and we just did an across-the-board spending increase,'” said Huelskamp.

South Carolina Republican Mick Mulvaney said he suspects the bill, which House leaders intend to put to a vote on Thursday, may spend more on the Pentagon than it appears. “I have some severe questions about the CR right now,” he said.

From Bloomberg Government’s Congress Tracker

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