Clinton `Explaining Stuff:’ — In a Hole, First Thing is to Stop Digging

Photograph by John Raoux/AP Photo

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at a campaign event on Sept. 12, 2012, in Orlando.

The “secretary of explaining stuff,” as President Barack Obama has dubbed former President Bill Clinton since their party’s convention in Charlotte, was explaining things again today in Orlando, Florida.

What is Republican Mitt Romney proposing?

Cutting taxes by 20 percent, Clinton told his Florida audience: “Step One, incur $5 trillion more in debt.”

“I was always told that when you’re in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging,” Clinton said to laughter.

Clinton’s two-day campaign for Obama’s re-election in Florida this week follows the president’s own two-day weekend swing through the Sunshine State. It is the biggest of the eight swing states in which Romney hopes to overturn the advantage that Obama held over Republican Senator John McCain in 2008 — those eight states, plus a late-starting ad campaign in Wisconsin, home of Romney running mate Paul Ryan.

No Republican has won Wisconsin in presidential contests since 1984, however — which makes the 100 electoral votes of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado more fruitful targets for Romney. Obama won them all last time, and he won the White House by 95 electoral votes.

So watch for Bill Clinton “explaining stuff” in  those states, too.




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