World’s Most Interesting Fundraiser

Photograph by John Sommers II/Getty Images for Skinny Water

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith with the Skinny Water models at the Skinny Water At Maxin's Fillies & Stallions Party.

The White House that brews its own beer, with the president delivering a case of it to a firehouse along the campaign trail, has found another front-man for the president’s pitch for the vote of the working-class man.

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith, who plays the “most interesting man in the world” in commercials for Heineken NV’s Dos Equis beer, will host a campaign fundraiser for the president on Sept. 18, according to an invitation posted to the Obama campaign website.

The fundraiser was first reported by the non-partisan open-government group Sunlight Foundation, which tracks such events.

Admission charges to the event at Nectar’s Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont, start at $20 for “guests” and go up to $500 for “sponsors,” with those donating $250 or more allowed to attend a “host committee reception” as well.

The president holds an advantage among women, Hispanic voters and blacks, polling shows, while Romney has claimed the allegiance of white, working-class men. Obama has been trying to make that connection for some time now with a glass of beer.

Yet for all Goldsmith’s support for Obama, Heineken USA’s political action committee has given more money to Republicans than Democrats in the 2012 election cycle so far, according to Federal Election Commission filings compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Heineken’s PAC  has given $17,500 to Republicans and $12,000 to Democrats.

The top recipient? House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, at $4,000.

More than enough for a six-PAC.

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