Obama v. Romney: Followers Like It

Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Social media tweets are shown during the Republican National Convention.

Social media demand, well, an audience.

And President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have them.

Yet, when it comes to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the president has a bigger following.

Obama had 224,581 YouTube subscribers, picking up more than 4,000 in the last week, according to data provided by the social media. Romney had 18,450 YouTube subscribers, picking up 1,000 in the last week.

More than 28.5 million people “like” the president’s Facebook page, and he picked up 216,000 fans in the past week. Just under 7 million like Romney’s Facebook page, but he had a better week than the president — picking up 392, ooo in the past week.

On Twitter, there are 19.7 million following Obama, a gain of 291,00 followers in the past week.

Romney’s tweets reach an audience of 1.1 million, up by nearly 50,000 in the past week.

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