Romney’s `Makeover’ Show: Obama

In the fashion of a TV game show, the Obama campaign is welcoming Republican Mitt Romney to Los Angeles, where today he plans to address the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Romney, the Obama campaign says, is making “one of his most implausible makeovers yet — making his extreme policies seem appealing to Latino voters.”

The Web video quotes Rommey on illegal immigration and asks:“Can he cover up his belief in self-deportation with a bold new wallpaper choice?”

— Can a “new support beam” hold the weight of his talk about kids borrowing money from parents for college?

— Can he dress up his economic plan with “a new paint job?”

“He does something amazing with Spackle — can he patch up his promise to repeal Obama-care and deny health care to 9 million Latinos?”

— And perhaps duct tape can cover up his stated promise to veto the Dream Act.

Of course, this is for Internet consumption. There is no campaign advertising in California, which is one of the states that can be counted on to support Obama in November. And Obama holds a two-to-one advantage over Romney among Hispanic voters nationally, polling shows. The two campaigns are making their own TV appeals to Latino voters in the battleground states of Florida, Nevada and Colorado. This one’s a Web tease.

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