Romney to Middle-Class Families: `Tough-luck,’ Obama Ad Says

Without even directly addressing the “47 percent” equation that Republican Mitt Romney has added to the presidential election contest this week, President Barack Obama’s newest TV ad frames the campaign as a fight for the middle class against an uncaring opponent.

“I do the laundry, I pay the bills, I make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy,” says a mother identified as “Christie” in the 30-second spot.

It warns that, to finance his tax cuts for millionaires, Romney could take away middle-class tax deductions for health care, home mortgages and college tuition.

The Romney campaign contests that assertion.

The problem is, Romney hasn’t specified how he might pay for his promise to cut all income tax brackets by 20 percent. He has only said that “high-end” earners will lose some of the tax exemptions they enjoy. Yet the Tax Policy Center — which Romney has readily cited in his now widely heard but once privately held remarks about 47 percent of Americans paying no taxes — has concluded that he couldn’t balance his tax plan without reaching into the major tax exemptions that all Americans enjoy, such as those for home mortgages.

Romney aide Kevin Madden yesterday said the campaign is going to get specific about matters — something registered voters, by a two-to-one margin, have told the ABC/Washington Post poll is missing from Romney’s plans. Yet the campaign this week has spent more time confronting the newest questions raised by Romney’s remarks at a May 17 closed-door fundraiser at which he pointed to the 47 percent paying no taxes as dependent “victims” of the government — voters basically unreachable by his promise to cut taxes.

Romney repeated the unreachable part in a Fox News appearance yesterday: “I’m not going to get them.”

Christie, in the Obama ad about Romney, closes by saying, “It seems like his answers to middle class America are just, `tough luck.”’

A lack of specifics about Romney’s tax plans — and his own comments about the 47 percent of Americans he can’t reach — have left him vulnerable to the attack coming from, who, a woman. She carries the Obama campaign’s earlier ad theme that Romney is a threat to women to a broader level: threat to middle-class families.

The Romney campaign has tried to turn the so-called “war on women” back on Obama with its own TV mother. In Romney’s ad, she holds an infant threatened by “Obama’s debt,” which actually is a lot of presidents’ accrued debt.

See Obama’s TV mother here:

See Romney’s TV mother here:

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