The Boca Raton Home Private Equity Built: Romney’s May 17 Fundraiser

The property taxes alone on the home where Mitt Romney addressed supporters about the 47 percent of Americans who pay no taxes run more than $68,000 a year.

The $3 million home of private equity executive Marc Leder west of Boca Raton, Florida, was the setting for the May 17, $50,000-per-plate fundraising dinner at which Romney was secretly recorded talking about Americans dependent on government – the publication of the videotape this week stirring the presidential campaign with a new class-warfare-styled conflict.

Leder made his fortune buying broken companies from Boston Market to Captain D’s. Co-chief executive officer of Sun Capital Partners, he is running a private-equity firm with about $8 billion under management, Bloomberg reports. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the fourth-best undergraduate business school, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, and together with a group of private- equity executives owns the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.

“I believe all Americans should have the opportunity to succeed, to improve their lives, and to build even better lives for their children,” Leder said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. “I have supported people from both political parties who share this view and make it a priority, even though their ideas on how to achieve it may differ.”

He also has played host to some fun parties, according to other news accounts.

Businesss Insider notes that, in 2011, Leder threw a bash at his Hampton’s home where guests skinny dipped in the pool and performed sex acts, while scantily clad women danced on platforms, Page Six reported in a piece called “Nude frolic in a tycoon’s pool.”

Then to ring in the New Year, Leder hosted a series of parties called “Event Week 2011/2012″ at his St. Bart’s home, Page Six reported.  During that party extravaganza, hip-hop music mogul Russell Simmons Tweeted that he was at one of those parties sitting next to fashion stylist Rachel Zoe calling the party “out of control.”

“I think the portrayal of me as having wild and crazy parties is absolutely incorrect,” Leder told the New York Times in an interview in Sun Capital’s offices in Midtown Manhattan. “I spend a small percentage throwing some parties, attending some parties. I like music. I like to dance. But rather than reporting on how I spend 340 days and nights of my year, the media likes to report on the other 25.”

Priorities Action USA, the super-PAC backing President Barack Obama’s re-election, opens its ad capitalizing on the 47 percent remark with a South Florida mansion. The home pictured is not Leder’s in Boca Raton. See that one here.

The ad maintains that Romney, while viewing that 47 percent of the American electorate as victims of government dependency, is ready to raise taxes on the middle class:


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