Restore Our Future Went on August Spending Binge

Recent ad from Restore our Future envisions a debate between the candidates.

A super-political action committee supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent $21 million last month — more than in any previous month and more than in the three previous months combined.

Restore Our Future helped carry the candidate’s message and attack President Barack Obama at a time when the Romney campaign was running short on money because it could not yet tap its general-election funds. Television and online advertising accounted for almost the entire August super-PAC budget.

Other super-PACs and the Obama campaign committee are due to file their August reports to the U.S. Federal Election Commission by the end of today. Romney’s campaign just filed its documents a few minutes ago.

Restore Our Future had about $6.3 million cash on hand at the end of the month. Overall, it has raised $96.7 million and spent $90.3 million.

Odyssey Re Holding Corp. in Stamford, Connecticut, and  Robert Parsons, founder and executive chairman of Inc., were top contributors last month. Each gave $1 million.

Greg Giroux contributed to this post.

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