Welfare-to-Work: Hill `Show-Votes’

Scene from the Romney "welfare-to-work" anti-Obama ad.

A presidential campaign conflict over negative ads that started in early August has made its way to a Congress ready for recesss.

The dispute over changes in welfare to work “requirements” started in the presidential contest with an attack ad from the Romney campaign.

Democrats and Republicans lobbed accusations of dishonest advertising back and forth through August and into the political conventions, and now, House and Senate Republicans have brought the dispute to Capitol Hill.

With few chances left for “show votes” in Congress before it recesses for the fall election campaigns, Republican leaders in both chambers are rushing to force votes on resolutions of disapproval over changes in welfare work requirements made by the Obama administration.

The Republican-controlled House is scheduled to vote, and will likely pass, H.J.Res. 118 later this afternoon. If the measure were to pass both chambers, changes in granting waivers to states by the Obama administration would be nullified.

But in the Democratic-controlled Senate, coordinating votes that hammer home the Romney attack line are a little trickier. Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch attempted to force a vote on S.J.Res. 50 yesterday by unanimous consent.

The Utah senator made it clear the idea of bringing the resolution to the floor had nothing, well almost nothing, to do with the presidential campaign saying, “To put it in the categor,y that this is Mitt Romney trying something, Mitt Romney has had basically nothing to do with it other than he agrees with what we’ve done… He did not come to me and ask me to do it.”

Sen. Benjamin Cardin objected to the request, killing any chance of the resolution getting a vote before recess and tying the efforts to the controversial campaign ads.

“You would think that once Governor Romney understood that his ad was misleading and wrong, he would take it off the air,” the Maryland Democrat said. “But instead he’s actually increased the usage of this ad, which I find to be outrageous.”

See the welfare-to-work war on the air…

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