Akin: Election `Not About Words’

Photograph by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Sen. Claire McCaskill in Washington.

Missouri Republican Todd Akin’s assertion that “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy “opened the window” to his views, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said today.

At a debate in Columbia, Missouri, McCaskill said Akin’s Aug. 19 remarks “say a lot about how he views things,” noting that she supports providing access to emergency contraception for rape victims and Akin doesn’t.

“That’s where Missourians should pay attention,” McCaskill said.

Akin downplayed the significance of his remarks, which in TV ads he has written off as a “six-second mistake,” saying today that the election is “not about words.”

“It’s about two different voting records that are the exact opposite,” said Akin, a congressman who has lost the support of his national party since the remarks about rape. “I don’t believe that this election overall is about talk. It’s really about two visions of what America is.”


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