Simpson-Bowles Outline for Budget Deal, McCain Says

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Senator John McCain during the Republican National Convention.

Senator John McCain is throwing his weight behind Simpson-Bowles.

To avoid the looming fiscal cliff, Congress should consider the bipartisan debt commission’s budget proposal as “a broad outline for a solution,” the Arizona Republican says.

“Everybody knows what the solution is, and that’s Simpson-Bowles,” McCain said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Peter Cook. “I mean, everybody knows that that’s the template for what we need to do, but nobody’s ready to step forward so far. And I say, as a partisan, it does require some presidential leadership.”

McCain said he doesn’t support the commission’s recommendation to cut deficits by raising some taxes, but he does endorse a compromise “with everything on the table.”

McCain also criticized President Barack Obama’s intention to focus on the budget during Congress’ lame-duck session — which McCain suggests are “usually disasters.”

McCain had even harsher words for his former opponent on foreign policy, calling it  “the grossest lack of leadership that I have seen of a president,” but there is at least one topic on which he and Obama agree: The Washington Nationals should let Teddy win.

“It is a scandal” that the mascot representation of President Theodore Roosevelt has never outpaced the other presidents when they race around the baseball field, McCain said. “This is a vast left-wing conspiracy,” he joked.

Watch a clip below from Cook’s interview, which will air on the new Sunday program “Capitol Gains.”

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