Bloomberg by the Numbers: 52

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Delegates from Ohio at the Republican National Convention.

That’s the number of years since a presidential candidate was elected without carrying Ohio.

Since the 1960 presidential election, which John F. Kennedy won despite losing Ohio to Richard M. Nixon, the state has sided with the White House winner in the past 12 races, the longest such streak in the nation. President Barack Obama won Ohio four years ago by a margin of 51.5 percent to 46.9 percent. Every winning Republican presidential candidate has carried Ohio.

With 18 electoral votes at stake, Ohio is the second-largest state after Florida of the 10 or so states that both parties think will decide the Nov. 6 election. Ohio gave Republican presidential candidate an average of 49.2 percent of the vote in the past three elections, compared with 48.9 percent for Democrats.

High-profile campaign visits this week underscore Ohio’s importance in the election.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney is campaigning there today, joining running mate Paul Ryan, who began a campaign swing in Ohio yesterday. President Barack Obama will campaign in the state tomorrow.

Obama, Romney and their allies have supplied more than 29,000 ads on Ohio stations in the 30-day period ended Sept. 17, the most in any state.

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