Manchin’s Hair Cut: `He’s Cheap’

In case anyone was wondering what political campaign ads look like in places where there is no contest, outside the world of swing-state 90 percent negativity, take a moment to drop in on the Manchins of West Virginia.

Democrat Joe Manchin, senator and former governor, is getting his hair cut by wife Gayle, as has been their practice for more than 20 years, the narrator explains.

This is a contest in which Manchin is so safe that the Republican Governors Association even cites him in its own ad against Gov. Earl Ray  Tomblin, “all hat and no cattle” in the war on coal . It was Manchin, the RGA reminds voters, who stood up to President Barack Obama in the “war on coal.”

Manchin, who skipped the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, has been so careful about his contest that he won’t even say who he’s voting for in the presidential election.

Manchin cut waste and cut taxes as governor, and cut spending in his Senate office., the ad says. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” the guy in the kitchen barber chair says.

“And he’s cheap,” his wife adds.

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