`Dirty Jobs’ Guy, Jack Nicklaus — Celebs Campaign in Ohio

Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus arrives to campaign for Mitt Romney at Westerville South High School on Sept. 26, 2012 in Ohio.

Politics is a Dirty Job, too.

But you wouldn’t know it from the speech Mike Rowe just gave at a spring wire manufacturing plant in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford Heights.

Rowe, best known as the host of the “Dirty Jobs” series on the Discovery Channel, gave a speech that was more inspirational than political as Mitt Romney sat behind him. He focused on the importance of the American worker, while also suggesting that something is wrong with the U.S. economy.

“Something is fundamentally disconnected,” he said.

The endorsement Romney got this morning from golfing legend Jack Nicklaus was more obvious and robust.

Nicklaus, an Ohio native, and Rowe are the two celebrities Romney surrounded himself with as he campaigned today across Ohio.


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