Ryan to Hannity: Obama `Trashing’ Rivals with `Cynical’ Campaign

Photograph by Dr. Scott M. Lieberman/AP Photo

Fox News Channel television, radio talk host, author, and conservative political commentator, Sean Hannity in Tyler, Texas, in this 2009 file photo.

Paul Ryan and Sean Hannity are old friends.

They had a talk today on The Sean Hannity Show — “The stop-Obama express” — syndicated on hundreds of ABC News Radio affiliates nationwide. Hannity was talking about the ` hunt”  to “destroy” Ryan.

“Here’s the deal, the president cannot run on his record — it’s a terrible record,” Ryan told Hannity at the top of the 4 pm EDT hour of the show today. “So all he’s trying to do is trash us… We’re just not going to let him get away with it. ”

The media coverage of the election “has never been this bad,” Hannity said. “The media never asks this president any tough questions.”

“He’s just playing cynical politics,” Ryan said of Obama.  “The president’s experience, his laundry list, is a string of broken promises… So he’s running this cynical campaign of trying to divide the country.”

“I can’t speak to his motivations… but this is what he does,” Ryan said. “He can only win if he can construct a straw-man argument — `this is how evil my opponent is’ — by trying to define his opponents as something they are not.”

“People will see that they have a very clear choice in front of them.”

Ryan says he is looking forward to debating Vice President Joe Biden — an experienced debater and the sitting vice president. People will see how clear the choice is that debate, he says.



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