Obama’s Two Minutes: You Decide

Take a minute to hear the president out — OK, take two.

In a sign, perhaps, of how much money the Obama campaign has to spend in the final weeks of the campaign, the president is appearing in a new two-minute TV ad. He’s already made a one-minute appeal to voters on “the choice” they face in this election. And Republican Mitt Romney is airing his own minute-long appeal, an attempt to connect with voters who live “paycheck to paycheck

President Barack Obama president is taking his “kitchen table” pitch to the air in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado.

“During the last weeks of this campaign, there’ll be debates, speeches, more ads. But if I could sit down with you, in your living room or around the kitchen table.,” the president says in the ad, “here’s what I’d say.”

“When I took office, we were losing nearly800,000 jobs a month, and were mired in Iraq. Today, I believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. But we have much more to do to get folks back to work and make the middle class secure again.”

“Now Governor Romney believes that with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations on Wall Street, all of us will prosper. In other words, he’d double down on the same trickle down policies that led to the crisis in the first place. ”

“So what’s my plan?”

“First, we create a million new manufacturing jobs, and help businesses double their exports, give tax breaks to the companies that invest in America, not ones that ship our jobs overseas.”

“Second, we cut our oil imports in half and produce more American made energy–oil, clean coal, natural gas; and new resources like wind and solar; biofuels, all while doubling the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.”

“Third, we ensure that we maintain the best workforce in the world by preparing a hundred thousand additional math and science teachers; training two million Americans with the job skills they need at our community colleges; cutting the growth of tuition in half and expanding student aid so more Americans can afford it.”

“Fourth, a balanced plan to reduce our deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. On top of the $1 trillion in spending we’ve already cut, I’d ask the wealthy to pay a little more. And as we end the war in Afghanistan, let’s apply half the savings to pay down our debt and use the rest for some nation-building right here at home.”

“It’s time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class. Read my plan. Compare it to Governor Romney’s and decide for yourself.”




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