Ethel Kennedy Cringes at The Name

Photograph by CBS via Getty Images

Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy prepare to be interviewed on the show, "Person to Person" in 1957.

Written by Stephanie Green of Bloomberg Muse

Imagine Ann Romney or Michelle Obama being in court for horse thievery, keeping a pet seal in the back yard or pushing Cabinet members in the pool for laughs.

Spunky Ethel Kennedy did that and more, as portrayed in a new documentary, “Ethel,” directed by daughter Rory Kennedy — born six months after father Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Ethel Kennedy emerges as one tough lady.

She certainly has lived through enough tragedy and scandal.

Yet it’s not airing dirty laundry that disturbed her. Rather, it’s the film’s title.

“My mother hates her name,” Rory Kennedy said at a reception Thursday night in Washington. The hosts included Chris Dodd, for whom the filmmaker interned when he was a Connecticut senator. “She starts cringing when she hears it.”

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