Romney Home in Belmont — Brown: `The Boys are Back in Town’

Photograph by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hands out beef jerky to journalists on board his campaign plane at the Philadelphia International Airport .

Updated at 4 pm EDT

Republican Mitt Romney has returned to the Boston area.

And Sen. Scott Brown, the Republican seeking re-election in a tough contest with Democratic consumer advocate and Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, is happy about that.

So happy, the Brown campaign is singing, “The Boys are Back in Town.”

Romney, who raised money in Philadelphia this morning and plans to raise some money more in Boston tonight, was in a good mood today, too.

Bound for his home in Belmont for a weekend of debate preparation, and aboard his campaign plane ready for takeoff to Boston, the Republican presidential nominee walked back to the press cabin a few times. The last time, he came back bearing gifts:

Beef Jerky.

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