Biden’s `Middle-Class’ Burial: Romney’s Awaited Opening

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Representative Paul Ryan during a town hall meeting outside the Clinton County Courthouse in Iowa on Oct. 2, 2012.

“We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.”

That’s the Romney campaign’s quick take on Vice President Joe Biden’s remark yesterday about the middle class being “buried” the last four years — the years that President Barack Obama and Biden have held office.

The Romney campaign has been trying to say it themselves.

The footage in this clip, which hasn’t been refined for TV broadcast yet, shows Romney and running mate Paul Ryan trying to make the point at rally after rally. They have tried to make the point in TV ads as well.

The trouble is, by a number of indicators, the nation actually is better off now than it was four years ago. And Obama has campaigned, with the help of former President Bill Clinton lately, on the idea that he inherited a catastrophic economic mess and has made steady, if not complete, progress in its reversal.

And voters may accept this: The Gallup Poll this week found that, by a margin of 53-43 percent, more voters say Obama would be better for Romney for middle-class Americans.

In the latest Bloomberg National Poll, asked which candidate would be the best in understanding their problems and struggles, 51 percent of those surveyed named Obama and 38 percent Romney.

So when Biden says it, Romney takes it to the bank.

And probably to debate tonight.

Romney has borne the burden of his own remarks about 47 percent of Americans falling victim to government dependency for the past few weeks. Romney is likely to hang Biden on Obama at their first debate, starting at 9 pm EDT tonight — or at least take Biden to the air.

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