Debates: 67 Million Watch, Fox No. 1

Photograph by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are seen at the Lavanderia coin laundry during their televised debate on October 3, 2012 in Miami.

Updated at 6:15 pm EDT:

With 67.2 million people tuning in to the presidential debate last night,  President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney drew an audience 28 percent bigger than the first face-off between then-candidate Obama and challenger John McCain four years ago.

Here’s where the bulk of the audience was:

Fox News outran CBS News for its prime-time money in the viewing of the presidential debate.

With 10.18 million viewers tuning into CBS’ broadcast coverage of the first debate between Obama and Romney in Denver, Fox News led led the cable ratings, with 10.4 million debate viewers.

ABC News drew 10.12 million viewers, NBC News 9.91 million. FOX broadcast affiliates drew 7 million.

CNN ranked second in the cable competition, with 6.05 million, and MSNBC tthird with 4.71 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.

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