Tagg Romney: `How Did Dad Do?’

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mitt Romney speaks as his son Tagg applauds during the regional Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on October 4, 2012 in Denver.

Mitt Romney had 90 minutes on stage with President Barack Obama last night.

The morning after, he took nine minutes to bask in what instant polling is portraying as a debate victory.

“Last night, I thought, was a great opportunity for the American people to see two different visions for the country,” Romney said this morning at a gathering of the Colorado Conservative Political Action Committee in Denver. “I saw the president’s vision as trickle-down government, and I don’t think that’s what America believes in.”

Romney, who surprised the Colorado CPAC gathering where his sons were slated to appear today, was introduced by son Tagg. Before announcing the surprise guest, Tagg Romney warmed up the crowd by asking: “How did dad do last night?”

The audience cheered.

“You know how important this is,” Romney told his audience. “Trickle-down government will not create the jobs Americans need. Trickle-down government will not bring down the cost of energy,” Romney said. “The consequence for doing it right versus doing it wrong is really extraordinary.”

The Republican nominee said the country’s economic recovery will see ups and downs, but i’ts not the recovery the U.S. needs.

“This is not the trend you want to see,” he said, adding that the Federal Reserve is just “printing” more money and doing what it could.

“The American people last night were given a choice,” Romney said. One is continuing down a road to become “more like Europe., he said. The other, he said, “is a path that returns America to America.”

“This has not been a real recovery. Oh it bumps up, it bumps down,” Romney said. “But this is not the trend you want to see.”

“The Federal Reserve, printing more money, doing everything they can, trying to prop this thing up. We need to rekindle the strong economy.”

Romney was leaving Denver today for a campaign appearance in Virginia.

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