Alzheimer’s Association Wants Disease Discussed on Campaign Trail

The Alzheimer’s Association is pushing for candidates in Iowa to talk about the need for more research funding even as the discussion on the campaign trail often reverts to the opposite — cutting federal spending.

The group has budgeted $100,000 for radio ads in Des Moines. Rob Egge, vice president for public policy, said that’s enough to get the word out in a state that is garnering national attention as a swing state in the presidential election, and because of the three competitive House races there.

“The campaigning never stops in Iowa,” Egge said. “We want to be part of the conversation.”

Even as candidates talk about balancing the federal budget, taxes and the future of Medicare, more voters have personal experience with Alzheimer’s because a family member or friend has the disease, Egge said.

“There’s a significant segment of the population that has wrestled with the disease,” Egge said. “It’s a segment that’s large enough that every campaign ought to be interested in what they’re thinking.”

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