Biden-Ryan: Split Expectations — Less Popular than Palin in 2008

Photograph by Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer via Getty Images

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to supporters on October 2, 2012 at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Vice President Joe Biden heads into his sole debate with Romney running mate Paul Ryan this week with a worse public image than the one he carried into his debate with Republican Sarah Palin four years ago.

And Ryan, the Republican congressman from Wisconsin and House Budget Committee chairman is viewed less favorably than the former Alaska governor was prior to her vice presidential debate in 2008.

This is what a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Pres, conducted Oct. 4-7 shows. The survey of 1,511 adults, including 1,201 registered voters, finds that 39 percent view Biden favorably, while 51 percent have an unfavorable impression of the vice president and former longtime senator from Delaware.

While 44 percent view Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president favorably, Pew reports, 40 percent hold an unfavorable view.

“There is no consensus among voters about which vice presidential candidate will do better in Thursday’s debate,” Pew Research Center President Andrew Kohut writes: 40 percent expect Ryan to do a better job, 34 percent Biden. The 90-minute debate will be televised nationally, starting at 9 pm EDT tomorrow night.

Biden “is viewed less favorably than before his face-off against Palin four years ago,” Kohut writes. “In late September 2008, 53 percent f voters viewed Biden favorably and just 31 percent expressed an unfavorable opinion. At the time, Palin’s favorable rating was higher than Ryan’s is today (51 percent vs. 44 percent.




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