Ann Romney: On the Air Everywhere

Photograph by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

Ann Romney on "Good Morning America" yesterday.

Ann Romney was talking about “dancing horses and dancing stars, but not politics,” the network says, in her co-hosting of ABC News’ “Good Morning America” this week, and she was sharing her recipe for Ann Romney’s Welsh Skillet cakes — though burning them.

In a lower-profile yet just as pervasive way, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been making quick appearances on television stations in the biggest markets throughout the swing states, with a schedule of interview tapings that would tax the busiest broadcaster. Today, it’s several in Florida, Colorado and New Hampshire.

Both Romney and President Barack Obama have the advantage of wives who project a strong personality, and are willing to campaign. In a contest which has targeted women as one of the most persuadable and influential voting blocs, Ann Romney and Michele Obama are the not-so-secret weapons of both campaigns. ABC noted that its poll with the Washington Post has found Ann Romney’s favorability rating “jumping 12 points” between April and October, “making her almost as popular as first lady Michelle Obama.” And who was appearing with an ad within an ad inside the Web ad on the Good Morning America Web-site this morning? Michele Obama, and her husband, urging everyone to get out and register to vote.

It’s been some time since Hillary Clinton derided those who bake cookies.

Democratic activist Hilary Rosen tried to play that card with Ann Romney earlier this campaign season — suggesting the stay-at-home mother of five boys had never worked a day in her life. The backlash was severe enough that the nominee’s wife, for a while, became off-limits politically. Bloomberg’s poll of married mothers in Ohio and Virginia this week shows a slight advantage for the Republican ticket in those states, though not necessarily enough to defeat Obama. Swing state polls today show marginal advantages for Obama in both states, though that edge apparently has narrowed since the first presidential debate last week.

“After raising five boys, I’m ready for anything that’s thrown my way,” Ann Romney said of her co-hosting of the morning news-talk show, ABC reported, before burning her signature Welsh cake snacks.“They’re burning,” she said of the fritters her Welsh grandmother taught her to make.

She’s been burning up the airwaves in those swing states, too, with her taped interviews. Today’s schedule alone:

*Taped Television Interview with WBBH, NBC/ABC Affiliate, Fort Myers-FL (Airs 10/11 4pm on NBC and 5pm on ABC

* Taped Television Interview with Central Florida News 13, Orlando-FL (Airs 10/11 at 12:30pm)

* Taped Television Interview with WJXT, Jacksonville-FL (Airs TBD)

* Taped Television Interview with WMUR, ABC Affiliate, Manchester-NH (Airs 10/11 at 12pm)

* Taped Television Interview with KDVR, Fox Affiliate, Denver-CO (Airs 10/11 at 7pm)

* Taped Television Interview with WPLG, ABC Affiliate, Miami-FL (Airs TBD)

* Taped Television Interview with WTVJ, NBC Affiliate, Miami-FL (Airs TBD)

* Taped Television Interview with WFOR, CBS Affiliate, Miami-FL (Airs TBD)

* Taped Television Interview with WSVN, Fox Affiliate, Miami-FL (Airs TBD)

Notably, neither Romney nor running mate Paul Ryan has any media interviews scheduled today. Ryan just has a debate tonight, with Vice President Joe Biden. And the nominee has a rally in Asheville, North Carolina. Ann Romney’s the one working it today.



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