Biden-Ryan: Iranian Nuclear Bomb

“Are you going to go to war, is that what you’re going to do?” — Vice President Joe Biden.

“We’re going to prevent war.” — Rep. Paul Ryan.

With the Republican nominee for vice president calling for tougher sanctions against Iran, to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon, the Democratic vice president is calling it “bluster… loose talk.” The sanctions are as tough as they can be, Biden says.

Both agree: They will not let Iran obtain a nuclear weapon.

“We both agree that to do this peacefully, you’ve got to get them to change their minds,” Ryan says in the sole vice presidential debate of the season playing out at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

“This is a bunch of stuff,” Biden says, pressed by the moderator what that means. “It meas it’s simply inaccurate.”

“It’s Irish,” Ryan says with a laugh.

“We call it malarkey,” Biden adds.

Biden allows himself a laugh at one of Ryan’s rejoinders.

Ryan is holding his own, unfazed by Biden’s derision.

War, Biden says, is the last resort — the sanctions must be pursued.

“Big nations can’t bluff,” the vice president says, with a line likely to last past the debate. “This president doesn’t bluff.”

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