Bloomberg by the Numbers: 108

That’s how many years it’s been since there was a gap in the ages of the major-party vice-presidential nominees wider than the 27-year difference between Vice President Joe Biden, 69, and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, 42.

Indiana Republican Charles W. Fairbanks was 52 years old when he was elected vice president in 1904 on a ticket led by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Democratic vice-presidential nominee, ex-Sen. Henry G. Davis of West Virginia, was 80 years old when he ran on a losing ticket with Alton Parker.

There was a 26-year age gap between the 1988 vice-presidential nominees, Democrat Lloyd Bentsen, who was 67 years old, and Dan Quayle, who was 41.

Biden and Ryan meet tonight at 9m EDT in their only vice-presidential debate, at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.


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