Commission Announces Oct. 22 Presidential Debate Topics

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama arrive to participate in a presidential debate at the University of Denver in Colorado on Oct. 3, 2012.

The day after the only vice presidential debate this year, the Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the topics for the third session between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney on Oct. 22 in Boca Raton, Florida.

CBS newsman Bob Schieffer, moderator of the third gathering, selected the topics for the session on foreign policy, the commission said in a news release.

Subject to possible changes due to news developments, and not necessarily in this order, the topics for debate are:

· America’s role in the world

· Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan

· Red Lines – Israel and Iran

· The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I

· The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II

· The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World

The debate will be held at Lynn University and will run for 90 minutes, like the other debates.

The format calls for six, 15-minute segments on the topics selected. The moderator will open each segment with a question. Each candidate will have two minutes to respond. Following the candidates’ responses, the moderator will use the balance of the 15 minutes to facilitate a discussion on the topic.

Before the meeting in Florida, Romney and Obama will face-off Oct. 16 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. That will be their second debate, after one held Oct. 3 in Denver.

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