Wrestling Magnate McMahon Renews Assaults in Debate Ring

In one corner: Republican Linda McMahon, a former professional wrestling executive who sometimes entered the ring. In the other: her Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy.

The setting was their second debate last night in the contest for a U.S. Senate seat from Connecticut being vacated by Joe Lieberman, a Democrat turned
independent. As Michael McDonald reports, McMahon used yesterday’s debate to renew an assault on Murphy that included questions over a home loan he received.

Murphy countered that his competitor wouldn’t explain her positions on entitlement programs, women’s reproductive rights and health care.

During the debate at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Murphy said to the moderator: “I think you asked Linda McMahon about whether she was going to stop the character assaults.”

McMahon turned the attention back to the home loan. “Congressman Murphy talks about everything but jobs because he has no plan,” she said. “I would only say, ‘please release the documents’” about the loan, she added.


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