Supreme Court Leaves One Less Distraction for Obama in Ohio

Photograph by Jewel Samad/AFP via GettyImages

A bucket of sample democratic ballots are seen as Ohio Democratic party volunteers distribute them in front of an early voting center in Columbus on October 15, 2012.

Check another box for dogs that didn’t bark. The U.S. Supreme Court ratified a lower court ruling that Ohio can proceed with its early voting the weekend before the Nov. 6 election.

This is important for Democrats, who fought a legal challenge from Republican Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, because early voting makes casting a ballot easier for poor, minority and elderly voters who have difficulty getting to their polling place on a week day. By the estimate of an Ohio trial Judge, Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr reports, 100,000 Ohioans may vote in the three days leading up to Election Day.

President Barack Obama’s campaign and Ohio Democrats now have one less distraction as they turn to get-out-the-vote operations. With Republican Mitt Romney narrowing Obama’s lead in the state, 100,000 votes is hardly trivial, even out of what will likely be at least 5.6 million ballots cast.

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