Ricketts Gives $11.4 Million to Anti-Obama Super-PAC

Photograph by Nati Harnik/AP Photo

Online brokerage TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts.

Billionaire Republican Joe Ricketts gave $11.4 million to his Ending Spending Action Fund super-political action committee last month, it said in a filing to the Federal Election Commission today.

The super-PAC, Ending Spending Action Fund, is opposing President Barack Obama’s re-election and assisting Republican challenger Mitt Romney through television ads, telephone calls, mail pieces, online advertising, get-out-the-vote operations, yard signs and even T-shirts. Aides to Ricketts said last month he would spent $10 million on the presidential race. Ricketts donated $100,000 in June to Restore Our Future, another super-PAC working to elect Romney.

Ricketts, the founder of what is now TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., made the donations in four installments between Sept. 10 and Sept. 28. He’s given $12.25 million this year to the super-PAC, which spent $5.6 million last month and had $5.9 million left to spend as October began.

Ricketts’s super-PAC also is active in Senate races, including in his home state of Nebraska, where Republican state Sen.Deb Fischer leads in polls against Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former U.S. senator. Ending Spending Action Fund helped Fischer win the May Republican primary over Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning.

“She won the Republican nomination because a guy named Joe Ricketts basically put a bullet in the head of the attorney general and killed him just before the primary,” Kerrey said today on MSNBC’s “Hardball” program.

Ending Spending Action Fund also is helping Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel in his bid to unseat Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.

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