Obama-Romney: Syria

Photograph by Jewel Samad/AFP via Getty Images

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney participate in the third and final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, on Oct. 22, 2012.

President Barack Obama said tonight that the U.S. has done its best to ensure that Syria’s leader is “isolated,” but ultimately, he said, “Syrians are going to have to decide their own future.”

“What we are seeing take place in Syria is heart-breaking… But we also have to realize, for us to get more militarily entangled in Syria is a serious step,” the president said, and arming the opposition with heavy weaponry could have unpredictable results.

“We don’t want to have military involvement there,” Romney said, arguing that the government opposition should have “the arms necessary to defend themselves. ”

Obama said the U.S. went after the former Libyan leader in a steady, “thoughtful way.” And Syria’s leader must be confronted with the same consideration.

“Look, this has been going on for a year — this should have been a time for American leadership,” Romney said.

“What you’ve heard Governor Romney saying is, he doesn’t have different ideas — that’s because we’re doing what we should be doing,” Obama said.

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