Obama Wins, `We Go Over the Cliff’ — Romney Campaign’s Message

Photograph by Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Mitt Romney arrives to speak at an election campaign rally at the Reno Event Center in Reno, Nev., on Oct. 24, 2012.

Mitt Romney has a warning for voters worried about the economy under President Barack Obama: Things can get worse.

Seeking to maintain its recent surge of momentum in the race, Romney’s campaign today began issuing a series of dire economic predictions for what would happen if voters reelected Obama for a second term.

“The president doesn’t understand what it takes to get this economy going. He doesn’t have a plan to get jobs for Americans.,” Romney told voters in Reno, Nevada, today.

Obama, he said, will make it harder for Americans to get health care or a mortgage, worsen education, saddle students with more debt, cut Medicare for seniors, and leave home values continuing to “bump along on the basement.”

“This election is about your family,” Romney said. “And the choice we make across the country will have an enormous impact on your family.”

Romney’s fresh attack came as his top economic adviser told attendees at a conference sponsored by the Economist magazine in New York that the economy stands a good chance of facing legislated tax increases and spending cuts if Obama is reelected.

“There is a good chance, if the president wins, we go over the cliff,” said adviser Glenn Hubbard, who also serves as dean of Columbia Business School.


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