Senate Republicans Send $1.5 Mln to Massachusetts in Aid of Scott Brown

Photograph by Charles Krupa/AP Photo

Sen. Scott Brown a campaign stop with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in Watertown, Mass., on Oct. 24, 2012.

The campaign arm of the Senate Republicans sent $1.53 million last month to its party organization in Massachusetts, where Sen. Scott Brown is in a close race with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

It was the single largest transfer from the National Republican Senatorial Committee to any of its state affiliates last month, according to a Political Capital analysis of the NRSC’s September campaign finance report.

Warren, a Harvard professor, is running slightly ahead of Brown in most polls. President Barack Obama is favored to defeat Republican Mitt Romney in Massachusetts by a wide margin on Nov. 6.

The NRSC sent more than $5.3 million to affiliates in 10 states last month, including Massachusetts. It sent $1.02 million to Virginia, $829,000 to Wisconsin, $631,000 to Ohio, $500,000 to Florida, $288,000 to Nevada, $218,000 to Montana and $199,000 to North Dakota. Democrats are the defending party in all of those races except Nevada.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent $2.8 million to 17 state affiliates last month, including $425,250 to Virginia, $389,842 to Missouri, $383,000 to Nebraska, $355,117 to North Dakota, $314,478 to Montana, $250,550 in Wisconsin.

Democrats are defending a 53-47 Senate majority on Nov. 6.


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