Obama’s ‘537’ Ad: Romney = Bush

The president is playing two tracks in this swing-state TV ad.

537: The number of disputed votes by which former President George W. Bush won Florida in 2000, and with it the White House.

The Obama “537′ ad is not only a reminder to vote early — as the president himself plans to do in his home-town Chicago today — but also a reminder of what came with the Bush presidency. Obama, pushing a “Forward” theme for many months of his campaign, contends that Republican Mitt Romney would take the nation backward, with tax cuts reminiscent of Bush’s deficit-building tactics.

The ad also portrays a war scene, a reminder of Bush’s two wars, pictures former Vice President Dick Cheney and an image of the 2008 financial crisis which Obama inherited his first year in office.

537: “The difference between what was and what could have been.”

If people feel their vote doesn’t count, the Obama ad’s narrator says in closing, there were probably at least 537 people who felt the same way in 2000.

The early-voting push is central to Obama’s ground-game in the final weeks of the campaign, with a Time magazine poll this week showing that two in three voters who have voted early in Ohio voted for the president.


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