Obama, Romney Contact 4 in 10 Voters in Swing States — `Pivotal’

Photograph by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney holds a rally at Defiance High School, in Defiance, Ohio, on Oct. 25, 2012.

The gap between Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama has widened in one poll — Romney up 5 percentage points in the Gallup daily tracking surveys — and narrowed in another poll — Romney up 1 point in the ABC/Washington Post track.

Margin of error stuff, for the most part, in a race tied nationally.

But another number stands out in the ABC/Post survey: How many voters have been personally touched by the presidential campaigns.

Over the past month, the two campaigns each have contacted 20 percent of all likely voters nationally, the survey shows.

In eight swing states, nearly four in 10 voters have been contacted by the campaigns: 37 percent in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin say they have personally been asked for their vote, either by phone, online or in person by the Obama campaign in the past month And 35 percent said they had heard from the Romney campaign, the Post’s Chris Cillizza notes at The Fix.

Also: Romney is catching up in that measure — more had heard from Obama than Romney two weeks ago.

“President Obama and Mitt Romney are running essentially even not only in voter preferences but also in voter contact, a critical element of a race so close the campaigns’ ground games could well make the difference,” writes pollster Gary Langer.

“After advances earlier this week, there’s no further gain for Romney on key economic measures in today’s poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, he writes. And strong enthusiasm among his supporters, which rose sharply after the first debate, has been essentially stable since – neither losing nor gaining more ground, and even with Obama, but not ahead.”

“Those results make the campaigns’ get-out-the-vote efforts potentially pivotal,” Langer concludes.

Romney had 51 percent of likely voters in today’s Gallup track, Obama 46 percent.

That’s a two-point widening from the day before.

Romney had 49 percent in the ABC/Post track, Obama 48.

That’s a two-point narrowing from the day before.

A turnout election. Contacts, contacts, contacts.


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