Wisconsin, Virginia: Most RNC $

Photograph by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney attends a campaign rally at Ida Lee Park on Oct. 16, 2012 in Leesburg, VA.

The Republican National Committee sent more than $14 million this month to its affiliates in 28 states led by Wisconsin and Virginia, both key states in the Nov. 6 presidential and U.S. Senate elections.

The RNC sent more than $3.3 million to Wisconsin, according to a filing to the Federal Election Commission that listed donations and expenditures for the first 17 days of October.

Wisconsin, the home state of Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, is one of about nine states that will decide the White House race. Republicans are helping former Gov. Tommy Thompson in a Senate race against Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin that polls show is close.

The RNC sent more than $2.8 million to Virginia, another presidential swing state where Republican George Allen, a former governor and senator, is running against Democrat Tim Kaine, a former governor, for the Senate seat of retiring Democrat Jim Webb.

The RNC sent about $2.7 million to North Carolina, where Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a small lead over President Barack Obama in most surveys. The party also is trying to win up to four Democratic-held House seats following Republican-controlled redistricting.

The RNC transferred funds to 25 other states led by Ohio ($1.54 million), Florida ($850,000), Michigan ($515,000), Pennsylvania ($405,500) and Colorado ($327,000). Ohio, Florida and Colorado are presidential swing states, while Republicans are making the Obama campaign work hard to keep Michigan and Pennsylvania in the Democratic column. Also in Pennsylvania, Democratic Senator Bob Casey is facing an unexpectedly close race against a wealthy Republican challenger.

North Dakota ($214,000), Indiana ($200,000) and Utah ($184,000) are all holding elections for governor and senator. North Dakota and Indiana also have close Senate races. Utah Republicans want to unseat Democratic Representative Jim Matheson.

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