Obama v Romney: $1 Billion Parity

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama following a presidential debate at the University of Denver in Colorado.

$975.9 million.

That’s how much money that President Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the allied super-political action committee Priorities USA Action together have raised since the beginning of 2011 through Oct. 17.

It’s the same sum raised by Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the Republican National Committee and the pro-Romney super-PACs Restore Our Future and American Crossroads.

The numbers underscore the partisan parity in the Nov. 6 election as much as the price tag.

The pro-Obama and pro-Romney efforts actually have raised more than $1 billion each because there are other groups spending tens of millions of dollars to influence the race. They include labor unions that favor Obama and Republican-leaning non-profit groups like Crossroads GPS that don’t disclose fundraising totals to the Federal Election Commission.

Which side actually has more money matters less because each side has plenty of resources for a race that attracts substantial media coverage regardless of how much is spent. No one will say after the election that the loser failed to win because of insufficient funds.

For those keeping score at home, the Democratic total includes $644.6 million from Obama, $267.4 million from the DNC and $63.9 million from Priorities USA Action. The Republican total takes in $413.1 million from Romney, $351 million from the RNC, $131.7 million from Restore Our Future and $80.1 million from American Crossroads.



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