Scott Brown: Vote the Person, Not the (Republican) Party

Vote the person, not the party.

That’s the closing argument from Scott Brown, the Republican senator seeking re-election in strongly Democratic Massachusetts.

“I’ve kept my promise to be an independent voice. I’ve put people ahead of politics, and now I need your help to keep that independent tradition alive in Massachusetts,” Brown says to camera in a 60-second commercial that began running yesterday, according to Kantar Media’s CMAG.

That spot and a 30-second version include soaring music and fast-paced imagery reminiscent of a movie trailer. Both versions show an image of Brown speaking in the White House with President Barack Obama, who won 62 percent of the vote in Massachusetts four years ago and is polling far ahead of Republican challenger Mitt Romney there.

Brown, who came to the Senate by way of a special election in January 2010, needs hundreds of thousands of Obama voters to split their tickets and back him over Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor and onetime adviser to Obama on financial issues. Warren and Democrats have said that a vote for Brown is tantamount to endorsing a Republican-run Senate.

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