Washington Lobbying Firm’s Point-Counterpoint on Election

Photograph by Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

Former Rep. Bart Gordon, a Tennessee Democrat, has joined the K&L Gates' Washington office as a partner in its public policy and law practice.

With polls showing a virtual tie between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, two former lawmakers, now colleagues at the lawyer-lobbying firm K&L Gates LLP, offered their own political predictions at a briefing for reporters today.

Former Rep. Bart Gordon, a Tennessee Democrat, said that Hurricane Sandy has frozen the race in place, stopping any move toward Romney, and therefore could ensure Obama’s victory.

“Sandy could be the game-changer for the president,” Gordon said. “It has put everything on hold and stopped Governor Romney’s momentum. This is going to give the president the edge now.”

Former Rep. James Walsh, a New York Republican, said polls show Obama with less than 50 percent support, and incumbents don’t pick up many undecided voters this late in the game.

“The president is under 50 most anywhere,” Walsh said. “For that reason, I think the president’s in trouble.”


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