Bachmann Ad: “Independent Voice” for Minnesota — as Election Nears

Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Republican who leads the Tea Party Caucus in Congress and referred to President Barack Obama’s health-care law as “the crown jewel of socialism” during a short-lived presidential run, is adopting a bipartisan tone as she fights to keep her House seat in the Nov. 6 election.

Bachmann, a narrator says in a new television spot, is “an independent voice working for us, saying no to big spending by both political parties, but bringing them together to create thousands of jobs” by securing funding for a bridge, an airport and a veterans’ clinic.

I’ve been “an independent voice working for you,” the three-term congresswoman says in a spot directed at voters in the state’s Republican-leaning 6th District near St. Paul and Minneapolis. Bachmann’s ad began airing last night, according to Kantar Media’s CMAG, a political ad tracker.

The ad demonstrates that Bachmann has a difficult re-election campaign against Democratic businessman Jim Graves, even after redistricting shifted more Republicans into her constituency.

During her bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Bachmann sought to appeal to evangelical Christians and anti-government spending Tea Party activists. After winning the Iowa straw poll in August 2011, Bachmann struggled to keep pace with Republican front-runners and dropped out of the race in January after placing sixth, with 5 percent of the vote, in the kickoff Iowa caucuses.

“Humbling is good,” Bachmann told Bloomberg’s John McCormick for a story last month about her re-election campaign. “I was proud to run for president and happy to do this again, so I don’t see it as a come down at all.”

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report says the 6th District contest “Leans Republican.”

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