Dick Morris Stands His Ground: Romney Wins, Maybe By Landslide

Back in mid-September, when most polling was going President Barack Obama’s way and before he laid an egg in his Oct. 3 maiden debate with Mitt Romney, pundit Dick Morris minced no words about what would happen on Election Day.

In a column headlined “Why Romney Will Win,” the one-time Bill Clinton pollster turned guru for the Republican brand wrote that “the dimensions of the likely Romney triumph are becoming clear.”

Today, even as the final batch of polling seemed to give Obama the edge, Morris doubled down on his call.

Appearing on the Fox News Channel, he put Romney’s chances of  winning the presidency at 90 percent. Not only that, there’s at least a 60 percent chance the Romney victory will be of landslide proportions, he said.

Romney will be ahead in the popular vote by at least 5 percentage points, he predicted, shortly before the final ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll put Obama up by 3 percentage points. And the Republican will amass at least 325 electoral votes, Morris said.

Viewers, he  added, are “going to be shocked on Election Night by how easily and quickly” Romney carries such major battlegrounds as Florida, Virginia and Ohio, as well as the vast raft of  states that in some cases had appeared off the Republican’s radar. Those he threw into the Romney column include Pennsylvania.

All the more reason to eagerly await the actual results.  


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