Political Capital: Partisan Predictions

Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, speaks at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte.

Presidential surrogates Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia both predicted their party’s nominee will win the White House on this week’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt.”

“He’s going to earn this win,” Patrick, a Democrat, said on the show. “And I think he’s going to come right back to work on Wednesday, working not just for Democrats and those who voted for him, but for everybody.”

McDonnell said Mitt Romney will win, but only by a “razor-thin” margin.

“Turnout and enthusiasm means that we win by a couple of points” in Virginia, McDonnell, a Republican, said in a separate interview. “We just need a change, and everybody knows that.”

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