Romney Votes, McCartney Endorses

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mitt and Ann Romney voted this morning near their home in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Asked who won his vote, Romney said, “I think you know.”

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama already had voted early, and returned from their final campaign rally after midnight, rising this morning in their home town of Chicago.

The Republican presidential nominee will head out today for two final campaign rallies in Cleveland and Pittsburgh before returning to Boston this afternoon to await the election results.

The president was planning a visit of volunteers working at turning out the vote today, and he has some basketball on his agenda before awaiting the election results tonight in Chicago.

Both Obama and Romney are giving Election Day interviews with media in key swing states.

Meanwhile, here’s some added early vote intelligence from YouTube:

It’s unlikely that any of the tracking polls counted the three American members of Sir Paul McCartney’s band who say they already have voted by mail for Obama — McCartney himself lends a symbolic endorsement with his own words for re-election: “Get Back.”

Lisa Lerer and Margaret Talev contributed

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