Ben Stein Knows Why Romney Lost

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mitt Romney talks with members of the traveling press aboard his campaign plane on Nov. 6, 2012 en route to Boston, Massachusetts.

He may be a Mitt Romney supporter, yet Ben Stein says he’s not surprised his candidate lost the presidential election.

“He didn’t make a good enough pitch to the Latinos, he didn’t make a good enough pitch about the economy, he had Obama dead in his sights in debate No. 3 and let him go,” Stein said on his way out of the Republican National Committee’s election night party in Washington.

“He wasted time in Michigan and Pennsylvania,” Stein said. “He didn’t have a sharp enough message on how he was going to fix the economy, and he was an energetic but unfocused campaigner.”

Now, with President Barack Obama still in office ,“we race towards national default, and we race towards economic malaise and we race towards unilateral disarmament, and it’s a bad situation,” said actor-writer Stein.

Like Stein, many Republicans who had gone to the Reagan Building’s atrium in anticipation of a Romney win had less to celebrate once the news Obama had won Ohio flashed on the giant screen broadcasting Fox News on stage.

Others, however, were slightly more optimistic than Stein.

“Obviously I’m disappointed, Governor Romney ran a great campaign and at the end of the day, I feel like the clock ran out on us,” said Nic Breeding, a volunteer for the Romney-Ryan campaign. “Obama had a great turnout operation and he did what he needed to do.”



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