Cold Crowd: Warm Celebration — Outside Obama’s White House

Photograph by Mladen Antonov/AFP via Getty Images

People celebrate the victory of the President Barack Obama in front of the White House on Nov. 7, 2012.

Hundreds of Obama supporters gathered outside the White House on election night to commemorate the president’s re-election.

Chanting “four more years,” well-wishers braced against cold temperatures to sing, dance, blow horns and celebrate with strangers.

“It’s like New Year’s Eve,” said William Farnam, 69, who arrived dressed in red, white and blue attire with his husband, Kyriaki Chris, 35, and their two dogs. “For D.C. this is a really, really big moment.”

Cyrstal Anderson, 34, who resides in both Richmond and Arlington, Virginia, was watching the results with friends at a bar nearby when she heard shouts and horns honking on the streets.

“I came over because I wanted to be a part of the action over here,” said Anderson, a “long-time supporter” of Obama. “`I’m really glad he won because this means `Obama-care’ will be upheld. I had concerns about what could happen to `Obama-care’ if he had not been re-elected.”

Some Obama enthusiasts had stood outside the president’s residence for hours, including Steven Acosta, 35, and his husband David Mancilla, 35, who said they had been standing outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for more than three hours.

“Just being here in front of the White House, which is the people’s house, which is what Obama has always said it is, made everybody want to come out,” said Acosta, from Los Angeles, who was in Washington this week for a business conference.

“This is pretty freaking amazing, both being here and the fact that Obama got re-elected,” said Mancilla, who works in the health insurance industry. “It has been a pretty close race and I had my hopes he was going to win and I was right, so I’m pretty satisfied with it.”

Obama was not in Washington. He delivered his victory speech in Chicago.

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