Dick Morris Owns Up — While Zinging Chris Christie

Photograph by Jewel Samad/AFP via Getty Images

New Jersey governor Chris Christie waits of President Barack Obama in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on October 31, 2012.

We noted pundit Dick Morris’ prediction the other day that not only would Mitt Romney win the presidency, but that the Republican likely would do so in a landslide.

Given the actual results, perhaps we should have put that pundit reference in quotes. Regardless, we note today Morris’ willingness to accept reality.

Morris begins his column today bluntly: “I’ve got egg on my face.”

He continues that — like many on his side of the political fence — he simply didn’t believe the turnout rates among blacks, Hispanics and people under 30 years of age that Barack Obama rode to the presidency in 2008 would be replicated this year. They were and, Morris concedes, “I was wrong.”

Though that admission may be reason enough for some to save this column, fans of that one-time rising Republican star, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, may want to shred the piece.

In Morris’ telling, Christie’s “fawning promotion of Obama’s presidential leadership” as both responded to Atlantic superstorm Sandy last week “made all the difference” in giving the president a political shot in the arm as Election Day approached.

Apparently, eating crow is more palatable when there’s a villain to distract the taste.

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