Rove’s Bad Night: Sherrod Brown

Photograph by Tony Dejak/AP Photo

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, left, is hugged by his daughter, Liz, as they celebrate at the Ohio Democratic party election night celebration on Nov. 6, 2012, in Columbus, Ohio.

It was a bad night for Karl Rove.

That’s the assessment this morning of  Sen.  Sherrod Brown of Ohio after yesterday’s election results.

First, Brown survived what he said was $40 million spent against him in his race with Republican challenger Josh Mandel by outside groups, including Crossroads GPS, the nonprofit group founded with help from Rove.

Then, Rove, a Fox News contributor and the Republican strategist who helped former President George W. Bush carry Ohio and win re-election in 2004, questioned the network’s decision to call Ohio for President Barack Obama as “premature.” Obama won the unofficial Ohio vote by 2 percentage points statewide.

“Not to egg him on for six years later, but Karl Rove doesn’t know Ohio as well as he thinks he does,” Brown said today at a post-election press conference in Columbus.

“I don’t say he’s not welcome here,” Brown continued. “He’s always welcome here. We look forward to him coming to somewhere in Ohio and making a speech and doing what he does here and helping the local economy, I’m fine of that. But I think his brand of politics is pretty discredited.”

Both Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber struck out in a lot of races, as Jonathan Salant has noted.


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