Florida: The Long Count Goes On

Photograph by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

President Barack Obama supporter Geraldine Johnson, 80, holds an Obama/Biden campaign sign outside the polling precinct at the New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa in Fla.

Updated at 9:50 am and 7 pm EST

President Barack Obama holds a wider advantage over Republican Mitt Romney tonight than he did last night.

Wider, too, than this morning.

In Florida, that is.

The voting that ended at 1:30 am EST the morning after Election Day was still being counted in Florida.

At this report, in Florida,  it’s:

Obama: 4,185,917

Romney: 4,127,862

That 58,000-vote edge for the president — who already has won the election, by the way — is 11,000 up from last night.

No nail-bitter here — the margin of victory at this point is 0.7 percent (growing with the late count), and the state demands a recount when it’s within 0.5 percent.

They have finished counting the absentee ballots in Miami, with a few other counties still finishing up, the state says. They had until 5 pm today, by law, to finish counting the provisional ballots.

Here was a sobering note from the Miami Herald:  “(Elections Supervisor Penny)  White said she did not know the total number of provisional ballots.”

See the Miami ballot-counting here.

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