Florida, Four Days Later: Obama

In Florida, they count no vote before its time.

Four days after the election in the biggest of all swing states, Florida has finished counting ballots.

President Barack Obama carried 50 percent of the vote.

Republican Mitt Romney won 49.1 percent.

With almost 8.5 million votes cast,  it came down to a difference of 73,858.

There’s little daylight between Obama, 4,236,032, and Romney, 4,162,174, in the Sunshine State.

Of course, the election was over days ago. The Florida victory — Obama’s second there — boosted the president’s electoral vote count to 332, compared with Romney’s 206. A total of 270 was needed to win the White House.

Florida also notes that no recount is needed, as the margin is outside 0.5 percent.

Which is a good thing, considering how long that might take.

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