Down to the Crossroads: $5 Million — Final Wager in Six-for-22 Series

GOP strategist and American Crossroads backer Karl Rove. Photograph by Northwest Florida Daily/AP Photo

American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS dumped more than $5 million into ads attacking President Barack Obama in the three days before the election.

The two groups tied to Karl Rove reported the last-gasp spending to the Federal Election Commission today in so-called 24-hour notices that appear to be about eight days late.

All the money went to two groups — Crossroads Media LLC and Upgrade Films — for last-ditch ad production and placement.

The Crossroads groups together spent at least $127 million on more than 82,000 TV spots trying to help Republican Mitt Romney get to the White House and Republican candidates reach the House and Senate.

Their record on the day after the election: 6 wins to 16 losses with all the biggest races breaking against them.


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